Anne Dyer likes learning new things and then doing them wrong to see what happens.  She tries to learn a new craft every two or three years, ‘master’ it, teach it, and then pass on the teaching of it to her best student.  She has trained properly in fashion and spent some time making theatrical costumes because they are more interesting than fashionable little numbers for fat women.  She was a student at the Royal School of Needlework and Hammersmith College of Art.  She then wandered the world teaching (and learning) various crafts, before settling as Crafts Advisor for Hereford County Council for seven years.  In 1981 the chance came to start a very small Adult Education College for craft subjects, Westhope College, which has grown in size and reputation. She likes lace because it can be done in front of the TV. She also runs 100 hectares of forestry and a 14 hectare smallholding, and is run by three terriers and two cats.

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