Pamela began making lace in 1985.  Keen to develop her own designs, she embarked on the City and Guilds course, completing Part 1 in 1998 and Part 2 in 2002.  She received a medal of excellence for both parts.  She joined the Westhope Group in 2007.  Pamela now enjoys experimenting with various materials and often works with coarse threads on a large scale. This has included a phase of working with ‘thread’ made of plastic bags cut into strips.  For ‘Shape Shifting’, she played with regular mathematical shapes and solids.  This led to several pieces based on triangles, including  two 3-dimensional pieces.  She has enjoyed the challenge of how to construct a robust framework to give the 3D form, a challenge which becomes even more complicated when trying to work to a large scale.  Pamela is now experimenting with more 3-dimensional forms, trying to make layers of interwoven lace that become 3-dimensional when removed from the pillow.  She is also trying to incorporate more colour into her work having worked in neutral tones for several years.

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