Having had an interest in textiles from an early age Robina began making bobbin lace over twenty years ago when she had the good fortune to find not only a lacemaking class but a supportive local group.  Brought up in rural Scotland landscape and the natural world are constant sources of inspiration. She also regularly visits local museums, galleries and exhibitions.  Robina enjoys working with colour & texture, on different scales and exploring unusual materials and finds lacemaking the perfect medium to allow her to 'play'. In addition to bobbin lace she enjoys making work in other lace techniques including needle lace, tatting and tambour and has often sought to combine lacemaking with other craft techniques. In the past this has led to her making a series of silver pendants and earrings using bobbin lace grounds worked in wire. Currently she is experimenting with various ways of combining lace and felting to make accessories and hangings. 

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