The Westhope Group was delighted to be offered the opportunity to exhibit during 2013/14 at both The Hollies and the Knitting and Stitching shows.  Most of the earlier Westhope Group exhibitions have travelled to more than one venue, however this year's venues are very different in scale and type of visitor so a slightly different approach was needed. After some discussion we agreed that we should use the Hollies exhibition to show our first thoughts on the theme of Shape Shifting, then develop these ideas further for larger scale pieces at the bigger shows. The pieces exhibited here are a mix of finished pieces, 'sketches' on paper and in thread, and maquettes which will be worked up into larger and more elaborate items. Many of these pieces will be shown alongside the new work at Alexandra Palace and Harrogate, helping to provide an insight into the design processes used by the different members of the group.

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