Based in Edinburgh, lace is a hobby (though more a way of life!) for Kitty who teaches around Scotland at weekends.  Kitty is the co-organiser of the Edinburgh Lace Course, an annual week's summer school which in 2010 celebrated its 30th birthday.  Further details of the course can be found at  Kitty originally learned her lace in Yorkshire, first at a night class and then, after moving to Edinburgh, at the College of Craft Education summer school in Leeds.  Since 1983 she has benefited from an annual trip to Brugge where she absorbs all she can from the encyclopaedic knowledge of Anne Marie Verbeke. As a result Kitty’s work moves between the extremes of learning to design fine Binche and experimenting with thicker threads, wire and colour. The City and Guilds in Lace introduced Kitty to colour. As a result colour and texture are an integral part all of her contemporary lace.

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